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I help today's leaders make transformations work

As a leader, you are passionate about transforming your organisation or team towards more effective, more fulfilling ways of working in complex environments. But all too often, you experience disillusionment when the friction of familiar people problems in you and in others leaves the promise of new frameworks out of reach. I can help you bridge the gap.

The most important focus for today's leaders?

psychosocial development

towards a developmental culture

heart, head, and hands

If you want greater productivity and creativity, then grow yourself and your people and allow it to emerge. VUCA is already a cliché. Coping with it successfully is not. Navigating complexity demands that we develop capacities for better sensing, sensemaking, and responding. Our well-being, our success, and our survival demands that we do all we can to grow together. This takes courage, commitment, and congruent solutions. Building an adaptive, resilient culture is an art and a science. My deep understanding of human systems and dynamics lets me meet you and your people where they are, and work with you to codesign processes and paths forward for your unique contexts.

I help develop culture at three levels:




It all begins with you. You are a shaping force for everyone else in your life, and being the best person you can be, while consciously becoming more is the best gift you can give to yourself, to the people around you, and to your missions in life. A culture of self-responsible self-leadership solves 80% of your problems.

The quality of your communication is the quality of your life. I train individuals, couples, and teams to build fundamental skills of deep listening, reflection, and constructive direction. Psychological safety is not just for feeling good – it is a powerful springboard for courageous creativity and intelligent risk-taking.

Building coherence and collaboration across your organisation, between teams and departments, and across different environmental conditions, takes attunedness to shaping forces which most people are not even aware of consciously. Developmental coaching helps make the invisible visible so you can work with it.

konnekted coaching

KONNEKT® OS is a universal psychosocial “operating system” for building coherence between different people and groups. It gives me and my clients a shared framework, process, and language from which to design specific intervention approaches.

Human systems coaching

After training over a period of 10 years with the authors and creators of the Spiral Dynamics® books and programmes (see, I am more appreciative than ever of the unique power that the Gravesian view brings to understanding and resolving human problems.

Spiral Dynamics® assessments and models give me deep insight into how you and your people are operating, where the real issues are, and how to resolve them.

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